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Name: llolololol
Comment: you too
Name: Karl
Comment: I want to know the music of the game,please.
Name: jeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffff
Comment: you all suck
Name: Maddoglo
Comment: this game rockxxx
Name: Zxphrblade
Comment: awesome great i love it
Name: Mathematicus
Comment: I want to play
Name: sdgd
Comment: suyx yxuxhhx
Comment: just played this game lol
Name: Jimmy
Comment: Cool beans
Name: kenneth
Comment: coocl gane
Name: juan
Comment: kill 4 u
Name: mike
Comment: games awsome
Name: On Target
Comment: kill 4 u
Name: 3picxPwnage
Comment: hai der
Name: TheScientest.
Comment: love this game
Name: cool boy
Comment: love this game
Name: , b e
Comment: I think that chapter 2 ep 2 is hard!
Name: The Slenderman
Comment: it was the second to last level that was hard. the last level was really easy, i have an accurate aim
Name: kikai
Comment: this is 1 of my favorite games
Name: ameer
Comment: ok game
Name: dadzman1678
Comment: too easy when is 2 coming
Comment: Add me on xbox my name is D3AD ZzNIGHTzZ
Name: sonic
Comment: so easy
Name: shaDOw
Name: geee
Comment: this game is cool
Comment: NICE GAME
Name: killer
Comment: tony is right thelast level is hard
Comment: this game is eppic
Name: kwame
Comment: this game is garbage
Name: ayden
Comment: is gay
Name: tony
Comment: THE LAST LEVEL IS SO HAAARRRRDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: thomás
Comment: this is a beast game
Name: shardae
Comment: i don' like this
Name: filbert
Comment: im berlly eaven playing this game
Name: lyu
Comment: i dont like
Name: marsk
Comment: quiero que continue el juego
Name: jaxe
Comment: cool game
Name: beth andrew
Comment: is sexy
Name: alpha pack
Comment: this is awsome
Name: killer
Comment: who know the movie covenant
Name: mama said
Comment: tis is ai gae liki ma ball sack
Name: ChaosRose
Comment: BOOM headshot ;)
Name: Fear082
Comment: Play Roblox.com!
Name: pewdiepie
Comment: i like some big women
Comment: LETS GO
Name: feto
Comment: bbbbbbaaaaaaabbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiii gggggeeeeeemmmmeeeeessssss
Name: Ikram
Comment: its crap
Name: Jasmin Hopper
Comment: This game is SHI*
Name: olsen
Comment: it is a cool game
Name: KSIolajidebt
Comment: ha suck on this
Name: JAZ
Comment: THIS IS A nice game i had almost 95 kills
Name: yo mama
Comment: this game sucks
Name: Im seksi and i knou it
Comment: чо игра как игра ви придурки лохи англииские
Name: jose ochoa
Comment: i dont know how to do this
Name: David Jones
Comment: Love sniper games,as always!
Name: dunce
Comment: yall eat s***
Name: time lord
Comment: its a very hard game
Name: thunda boii
Comment: this game good but 2 short .-.
Name: john
Comment: yall stupid

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